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Living with your CRT-P

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PM3222 Allure RF_Pacemaker_U_US, PM3242 Allure Quadra RF_Pacemaker_U_US, PM3542 Quadra Allure_Pacemaker_U_US, PM3562 Quadra Allure MP_Pace_JMRI_US More
100080933, 100080935, 100132737, 100132707 More
ARTEN600226879 - A
Effective Begin Date 3/4/2022
Effective End Date
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Living with your CRT-P

Products, 4 Total

  • PM3222 Allure RF_Pacemaker_U_US
  • PM3242 Allure Quadra RF_Pacemaker_U_US
  • PM3542 Quadra Allure_Pacemaker_U_US
  • PM3562 Quadra Allure MP_Pace_JMRI_US
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Living with your CRT-P

Reorder/Model Numbers, 4 Total

  • 100080933
  • 100080935
  • 100132737
  • 100132707
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