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PDF Amplatzer PFO Occcluder US [PDF 2.35MB] (EN)

Amplatzer PFO 18mm PKG STER, Amplatzer PFO 25mm PKG STER, Amplatzer PFO 35mm PKG STER More
9-PFO-018, 9-PFO-025, 9-PFO-035 More
ARTEN600038249 - A
Effective Begin Date 3/7/2019
Effective End Date
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Amplatzer PFO Occcluder US

Products, 3 Total

  • Amplatzer PFO 18mm PKG STER
  • Amplatzer PFO 25mm PKG STER
  • Amplatzer PFO 35mm PKG STER
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Amplatzer PFO Occcluder US

Reorder/Model Numbers, 3 Total

  • 9-PFO-018
  • 9-PFO-025
  • 9-PFO-035
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